Realization of passion is a beautiful thing. Mine crept up slowly but with a consistent pulse, manifesting itself is the hours, minutes, and seconds spent sifting through a boundless wealth of information on living your most sound lifestyle. While a true afternoon taken for myself could suffice with learning about the latest health trend or testing the newest line of skincare, there comes a point where absorption alone won’t cut it. Enter: bewellordietrying. A mantra meant not to be taken seriously, but to convey the core of what passion embodies: a consistent, insatiable drive to do something borne out of love. My way of doing something, albeit modest, is through my writing and the sharing of it.

I’m in no way a wellness sage, able to tap into the breadth of knowledge amassed over years of practicing matcha alchemy and turmeric transformations. I’m attempting to figure it all out, one foot in front of the other. As I grow and divulge my experiences, I hope this digital journal serves to demonstrate that there is no one right answer to wellness. A healthy life is one that makes you feel whole.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope my musings will bring enough enjoyment to read to you as they were for me to mull over.