taste test: which healthy cookie-dough recipe reigns supreme?

I tested five of the most popular healthy cookie dough recipes on the internet so you didn’t have to. And because it would be delicious. Starting from the top center and moving clockwise, we have dough from: Popsugar Fitness, Natacha Oceane, Well + Good, Goodful, and Tastemade.

I haven’t been this excited about a health trend since just about every wellness guru on planet earth told us we needed to be sleeping more.

There are few things in life that give me as much satisfaction as melting into my couch at the end of the day, switching on Netflix, and spooning mini-mountains of Toll House cookie dough straight into my mouth, salmonella be damned. But real talk though, I haven’t done that since about the 4th grade; most health-conscious individuals, for good reason, wouldn’t advise.

A few years ago I felt like I couldn’t scroll through my Instagram or Facebook feed without witnessing the masses lose their minds over everyone’s dream come true: the opening of cookie dough restaurants. Places like DŌ Cookie Dough Confections in New York City and Doughp (pronounced ‘dope,’ it took me a second too) in San Francisco cropped up suddenly, serving safe-to-eat scoops of flavored dough like it’s ice cream.

#tbt to when I spent over an hour waiting for ‘unicorn’ flavored dough (whatever that means) from DŌ in nyc earlier this summer.

Thankfully for those of us plebeians who aren’t about to hop on a plane to try some, the internet saved the day.

Hundreds of edible, safe-to-eat cookie-dough recipes can be found online. Baked cookies are almost a thing of the past. While most of these recipes are loaded with dairy, butter, and sugar, leave it to the health community to find a way to hack the system. Do you really expect us to sit around and watch everyone else have all the fun?

Therefore, I had plenty of recipe options to choose from. I selected five from some of the most popular wellness websites to pit head-to-head for the incredibly imperative task of determining which healthy cookie dough is actually worth the effort.

But I didn’t do it alone. As I’ve been keeping keto, I wouldn’t be able to try most of the recipes myself, so I recruited the assistance of the biggest sweet-tooth I know: My mother.

This was serious business. After spending an entire afternoon practically covering my entire kitchen with almond flour and scraping concoctions out of the bottom of my Vitamix, I handed my mom a plate of five individual servings of health-conscious chocolate chip cookie dough (I’ll never get tired of typing that). She knew none of the ingredients of each nor where each recipe came from, but she knew she loved cookie dough, and what else really matters at the end of the day?

My mom, living her best life honestly. I better win daughter of the year for this one.

A lot of stuff, but for the purpose of this post, nothing else. She rated each dough out of five, with five being the best. She also commented on texture and appearance for the total package. In order to not demolish my entire pantry, I quartered each recipe, but I’ve written out the full measurements below. I skipped on writing out each step for you, but check out the links for full instructions.

So, is cookie dough you can shovel in by the spoonful without worrying about your waistline too good to be true? Let’s meet the contenders.

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