tested and bested: intermittent fasting

Photo credits to freestocks.org.

Is it even possible as a college student anyways?

Short answer: Yes!

Slightly-longer answer: Yes, but your social schedule may take some hits.

I first heard about intermittent fasting, or ‘IF’ as it’s often lovingly referred to by a bounty of health bloggers, through the same place I hear about most of my other future health endeavors: the internet. It seemed as though, out of nowhere, IF was mentioned by every single one of my favorite health youtubers and sites for its mind-body benefits. I’m not above ignoring my biases, so after Whitney Simmons, one of my all-time favorite fitness queens, hailed the benefits of a week of IF, I was sold.

With a lineup like lower inflammation, regulated hormones, weight loss, lowered insulin resistance, and improved cognition, I found myself skeptical and intrigued (there’s that ‘scientific mindset’ I was taught in the 4th grade at work). Sure, I could spend another few hours sucked into the black hole of Healthline articles and bodybuilding forums trying to sort through the testimonials of others, but I felt that a much more efficient use of my time would be to cut to the chase. There was only one way to truly see how my body would truly react: test it myself. I made a plan and set out for the week.

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