my favorite health dives in San Francisco

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Now just imagine this avo toast coming your way. Photo credits to Instagram/@janeonlarkin.

I admit calling them ‘heath dives’ is oxymoronic. This won’t come as a shock, but in one of the United States’ most health-conscious cities, any restaurant serving the health community has to expertly curate and slave over every element of their aesthetic appeal to if they want to survive the criticism of the masses. Un-instagrammable avocado toast is basically a death sentence.

The ‘dive’ reference nagged at my mind for the sole unifying quality I picked up on between each of the five places I chose to highlight: they portray a sense of effortlessness, feeding into the dream that both healthy eating and living is far more attainable than buzzing through a fast food drive-thru.

My Summer roommate and I had an absolute blast scrolling through Yelp to find the health food gems of the Bay (she compiled a list we would religiously cross-off for each location we’d hit up). I’ll love the Midwest until the day I die, but one aspect’s it’s missing is the plethora of health-conscious restaurants SF provided (to put things in perspective and for some greater insight into the Midwestern cuisine I grew up with, check out this recent Buzzfeed article. Peep the story, then cleanse yourself with this one).

While everything from the breadth of options (vegan, raw, non-dairy, non-gluten, and of course, organic) to the eccentric atmospheres were wholly impressive, let’s not forget the core reason these joints made the cut: their food is damn good. In-N-Out who?


Anyone who knows me well can attest to the fact that acai bowls are my actual kryptonite. I spent easily more time and money than I should have this Summer attempting to crown a winner for the best acai in the Bay (keep an eye out for a future post). When a friend of mine showed me a photo of her acai from Judahlicious, I made an actual two-hour trek from my apartment to try it (I know, I easily could have ubered, but it was a particularly nice day and the two-hours adds to the drama of this post).

My god. Just look at it. Soak it in. The sheer artistry. This bad boy is dripping with peanut butter and smothered in superfood toppings like banana, maca, goji berry, hemp seed, bee pollen, and housemate granola. It’s not the most wallet-friendly deal around town (depending on the amount of toppings you add the price gets steep quick). The taste, however, was refreshing, not heavy, and never mundane.

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