my top 5 holy-grail fitness vloggers

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Photo credits to Instagram/@natacha.oceane

If you’re anything like me, you can binge-watch fitness and skincare videos like they’re the newest season of Game of Thrones (but if they’re about health, that counts as being productive, right?)

Navigating the fitness YouTube scene can be, in a word, overwhelming. Colorful, bold block letters teasing #bootygains come at you left and right. You scroll down miles of ab selfie thumbnails. You think you’ve seen enough Gymshark apparel to memorize their entire Fall collection.

Wading through the endless fitness content is off-putting for many, but once you peel back the layers of supplement sponsorships and ads for self-made workout apps, real, valuable information from passionate individuals in the fitness community rises to the top.

With all that being said, you’ll find my top five favorite fitness YouTubers below (in no particular order, that would be like choosing a favorite child). Each one not only provides sound information and tips for anyone from the beginner cardio bunnies to the bonafide gym buff, but also transcends the realm of simple hiit workout demonstrations into a world where fitness can be a fun and meaningful lifestyle in their own unique way.

Chloe Ting

Ah, Chloe. The adorable little (I’m not kidding, she’s 5’1”) aussie from Sydney. Her personality is endearingly awkward, and her 10-minute ab circuits pack a serious punch.

Seriously, though, incorporating her ab routines into my workouts every other day have been the best thing to ever happen to my midsection. They’re quick, effective, always incorporate some elements of hiit cardio, and the structure of her videos allow you to follow along with each timed exercise so you don’t have to mess with your own timer.

Chloe is an extremely accessible fitness blogger. Her workouts are challenging sans intimidation factors.

Bonus: As she jet-sets around Europe (she doubles as a travel vlogger, honestly what a life), she takes the time to shoot outdoor workouts via drone. Pairing a hiit set with such epic, high-def footage almost seems funny to me, but I’m not opposed.

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